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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

The Old Man posted:
napacat posted:

Question...Are any of my Democrat friends embarrassed for your party after the Barr testimony the other day.  How can Blumenthal ask those questions with a straight face. And Hirono...Wow.  She should be sued for Slander.     What is it like to be a puppet for CNN and MSNBC.  SAD!

Everything is unraveling. This should be an interesting few months.  

First there's no such thing as the "Democrat" party no matter how many times Fox State News says so and second,you're kidding right? Is it "Slander" when you call a liar a liar? My own favorite was when asked if the racist-in-chief asked him to go the president's enemies and he sat there twisting in his chair struggling to answer. Every other AG since Nixon's would be able to answer this question with a simple "no."

I've already discovered, in a previous exchange with you, that you're a fucking joke when it comes to clear, rational thinking and arguing so I will not engage with you further on this topic.

And exactly how does big Mr. America First get on a phone call to the dictator of Russia and not discuss his meddling in our elections and tell him to knock it off?

Of course they asked to look into it further.  The entire scam was a set-up.  It will come out.  Hillary should be in jail without a doubt! 


Barr was simply outstanding! Just letting the Dems make fools of themselves was quite fun.  Wish he would have went to the House committee and have done the same.  Pay attention...the President cannot be guilty of Obstruction of Justice when the original charge was false and erroneous.  

Regarding the phone call...he should be as forceful as Obama right and say “ you stop meddling”!  Great job the last President did.  I’m with Board-O Obama was the worst.  That sir was a joke of a President.