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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

bman posted:
wineart 2 posted:
thistlintom posted:

Report that Americans, especially younger ones, are stressed.  Maybe we have done a poor job of raising children and allowing them to deal with issues and conflicts as they grow up.  Overprotection does not enable children to grow up and deal with problems they are eventually going to have to deal with properly.

I’m confident they aren’t stressed with the $20T and growing debt our generation is leaving them.  Another all time record deficit last month. All this winning is very special! 

What's really scary is that they probably aren't even aware of issues like the debt, ever-worsening relations with key allies, and election interference by hostile powers.  Imagine how stressed they will be when those chickens come home to roost!

Oh my, my kids are without question. 

Also, for the first time ever they didn’t receive money back this year from their tav return.