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mneeley490 posted:
thistlintom posted:

Napacat is right.  I have read from several sources that Barr is working with Mueller on redactions to the report before releasing it to Congress and the White House.  So Guiliani would not see it before Trump or Congress.

Interesting, Dershowitz argues that Trump and his legal group should be able to see the report and issue their own findings in concert with the release of the Mueller report to Congress.  His argument is that the Mueller report is a prosecutor's report and the defense should be able to provide a response at the same time.  But Barr has decided against that and will release the Mueller report by itself.

I'm alright with them releasing their own spin after it is released to Congress. Especially as Trump will probably find himself a defendant at some point. However, what I do not want to see is Barr pull another "Nunes"; racing to the WH in the dead of night to spoonfeed them the report before anyone else has a chance to see it.

Nailed it, unfortunately. As predicted, Barr is loading the dice. Anyone in the WH who told the complete truth about their dealings with Trump had better jump now.

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