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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

mneeley490 posted:
irwin posted:

Pres. Trump is confused about where his father was born?  Recently claimed his father was born in Germany, but in the Art of the Deal, he says his father was born in New Jersey, and the truth is that his father was born in New York.  No wonder he was confused about where Pres. Obama was born.  If he can't recall the location of his own father's birth, it's not surprising that he'd screw up on the location of the birth of someone else.

He is seriously ill, this guy.  The fact that he likes his steaks well done with ketchup is just another symptom.

When you make up everything you say on the spot, it's a little hard to keep things straight.

He made up that Trump didn't seem to know where his father was born? Here's your boy:

Adult man doesn't know where his father was born, thinks he's from another country.

My own favorite:

Adult man repeatedly says "oranges" for "origins.

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