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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

bman posted:
napacat posted:
thistlintom posted:

I think you are missing the full context of the report. The block by McConnell was for a full unredacted immediate release of the report.  That cannot be done for legal reasons, so the report must be reviewed and some parts must be redacted.  

.  Oh...and NBC news is BS.  

So where do you get your news?  

Ok...I'll play.  NY Times and WSJ on the weekends, I watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC, a little BBC and PBS.

Facebook...who relies on FB for news?  This was all a giant scam.  How many of you actually thought there was collusion? And how many were hoping that it was true (that would be a sick bunch of people).  You were all lied to for years now...