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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
g-man posted:

Even if us tax payers made 10mm $ on the mueller investigation, i personally would still want to see the extent of russian interference.  

We should use such investigation to learn how foreign powers are trying to undermine our country and how we can protect current and future americans from falling victim.  It is money better well spent than say, protecting against a fabricated emergency.

Sides, Trump says he's exonerated, he's got nothing to hide, let the public understand all the ways that Russia isn't an ally.

Noting a lot of the interference began under the Obama admin  (as confessed to by Brennan) and they did absolutely nothing about it.

why does it matter if it's Obama or trump?  The only people that ever lose in this situation is the American public.  This probably happened under Eisenhower, or Reagan, who gives a shit?  Not sure why some "americans" are soo obsessed with a someone who's not even president anymore.  Trump is the current president, we caught something happening and he's done nothing but say that Russia is an ally and that Putin is a good friend.

Plain and simple, if he and mitch have nothing to worry about because supposedly nothing happened, then release the Mueller report for the american public to understand the depth of Russian interference.  I'd expect congress then to fund appropriate security measures to ensure the American voice is not drowned out nor manipulated by a foreign enemy.