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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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Oh, Trump certainly has his issues, no doubt about that.  But the way some people have acted since he got elected, shows that they have issues too. There is a lot of mourning from many since the report has come out, obviously deeply disappointed that he did not collude with Russia when they should be glad that something like this did not happen.

I for one am glad that neither he nor his campaign were found to collude with Russia.  But that doesn't mean that Trump's not utterly unfit to be President, and not just because of his obvious mental health issues, though those would appear to be the cause of his unfitness. 

Nor do I think the 4 page summary presented by his new AG (on record as considering the investigation bogus, in his 19 page unsolicited memo on the matter) should be the last word.  Those parts of the report which can legally be made public, which I am guessing will be almost all of it, should be made public.  It is not a matter of Trump-hating, it is simply too important a question to leave to a 4 page memo obviously prepared in haste.  It's too bad that there isn't a clearly impartial body to oversee that - the cost of a politically appointed public service

I’ll agree with most of this...they should make public exactly what the laws allow them to.

Hallelujah!  We agree on something!