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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

bman posted:
napacat posted:
bman posted:

"“It’s deplorable what he said,” Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said in an interview with Atlanta-based Georgia Public Broadcasting earlier Wednesday, referring to previous Trump attacks on McCain. “It will be deplorable seven months from now, if he says it again, and I will continue to speak out. . . . We should never reduce the service that people give to this country, including the offering of their own life.”"

Even senior Republicans vulnerable to primary challenges are appalled by Trump's repeated attacks on a revered dead war hero who refused to be rescued from the Hanoi Hilton if his colleagues had to stay, while Trump's bone spurs kept him safe and warm in his little bed in New York.

Wondering if Trump's apologists here have any thoughts on their hero's repeated abuse over several days of McCain?  Napa?  mikemann?  Anyone else?  Or does the damage he is doing to your country, which you apparently support, justify anything he says?

Ok...I’ll bite.  Would have been much wiser to keep his mouth shut.  That said...he does not like McCain ar all...and the fact that MCCain peddled the fake dossier probably pissed him off more.  He does not have to like him because he was a war hero...but some things are better left unsaid. collusion from anyone within the campaign (previous indictments show that) and according to the AG and deputy AG, no obstruction.  Total BS from the get go...let’s get to the real people behind this sham.

My point was just about Trump's despicable attack on McCain, but since you raised the Mueller report, I'll get to that in a minute.  Meanwhile, you made a factual error in saying that McCain "peddled"  the dossier in question.  Here is what actually happened, according to the Arizona AG (a Republican):  "He got the information and he read it and it's pretty explosive. He immediately delivered it to the FBI and said this is for you all to deal with. That's what a statesman does. That's what a good American does. And that's what John McCain did. "  No "peddling" involved.  He received a document worthy of investigation by law enforcement on its merits and did the right thing with it.

As for the Mueller report, you made another factual error, Napa.  You said there was no obstruction but that's not what the report said:  

""Mr. Barr also said that Mr. Mueller’s team drew no conclusions about whether Mr. Trump illegally obstructed justice. Mr. Barr and the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, determined that the special counsel’s investigators lacked sufficient evidence to establish that Mr. Trump committed that offense, but added that Mr. Mueller’s team stopped short of exonerating Mr. Trump.

“While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him,” Mr. Barr quoted Mr. Mueller as writing.""

It's pretty obvious to everyone Napa, from the terminology you use above, that you take your so-called "facts" from Fox, or perhaps Breitbart and other right-wing Trump sycophants rather than from credible objective sources.  You may wish to check out reporting from the BBC, CBC or another foreign source that is not in the camp of either side of the American political divide.

Finally, how is something that has led the conviction of several of Trump's top campaign people, and dozens of Russians, BS or a sham?  Any patriotic American would be pleased to see these attacks on democracy and criminals exposed.  Which says a lot about your hero Trump!

Bman, there are a lot of things wrong with your post.  Peddling may have been the wrong word...but I don't think McCain had the document first.  It was a bunch of unsubstantiated drivel and was purely fake.  That document did not warrant investigation by law enforcement if they would have done any research and saw where it derived from, they would have disregarded it.

Correct that the Mueller report did not absolve of obstruction...however, if you read my post...I stated that the AG and Deputy AG concluded there was not enough information for a charge on obstruction.  

Lastly, your statement that this investigation led to the conviction of several of Trump's top campaign people...none of the convictions had anything to do with Russian collusion. Don't mislead...a complete farce.