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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

g-man posted:
winetarelli posted:

As you typed that I was adding to mine. 


We’re pretty far off from Dr. Seuss at this point, but the entire thread is off-topic. I would say this about your fear: the premise that not every subject lesson or course at every age is or can be about racism — or that I’m not certain it is appropriate to combine certain aspects of that discussion with learning to read — is not a stance that racism should not be discussed in school from an early age.

Of course!  I've believe the first time i met you almost 10? years ago,  I recall enjoying random conversation.

No, not every subject lesson / course can nor should be able racism.  It's not even about a proper distinct discussion about racism with the child.  It's as simple as "do people really look like that?"  and the kid will most likely say "no that's silly"  And that alone, goes a long way in separating caricature vs ingrained stereotyping.

Totally fair. And of course I loved hanging out with you, too!  That was a great night!


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