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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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This discussion is getting pretty deep. When can we go back to random and off-topic comments, and picking on Trump and those who love him?   Where are Mimik, w + a and PH when you need them? 

Happy to comply!  Still happy with Trump and current state of affairs.  No mention of the Smolett case here yet?  Sad.  I never heard of him before this...yet Van Jones says he is the Jackie Robinson of the day...oh God, that is a giant overstatement.  Good for the Chicago PD...they really shone brightly this week...especially today.

Smolett?  you mean the guy who faked an emergency because he couldn't get enough money for something?

Wait.. that sounds oddly familiar.

You know who else we didnt talk about?  Christopher Paul Hasson.

"Hasson also expressed admiration for Russia. "Looking to Russia with hopeful eyes or any land that despises the west's liberalism," he wrote in the draft email. Prosecutors say during the past two years he had regularly searched online for pro-Russian as well as neo-Nazi literature."

What happened napacat?  how come you didnt talk about him?  Selective vision?  Sad.


Happy to talk about that nut job Hasson.  And the strongest possible action should be taken that the law allows.  Not a problem with a life sentence.  Same for the Alabama ISIS wife who wants to way should she come back to the U.S.  

okay, there we caught up on current "news"?   see how boring that was?  it offered no insight/no depth of discussions nor any other stimulating thought except to note.