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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

patespo1 posted:
thistlintom posted:

What concerns me is the way the MSM has jumped on stories without doing any research or further investigation and condemned those supposedly that did wrong, especially when instances occur that seem to support their biased views.  This has recently happened with the Covington kids and Jussie Smollett.  True journalism is suffering.

For quite a while, it seems as if it doesn't matter who gets it right or wrong, but who gets the story out first.  And then the apology is buried after the fact.

As far as the Covington kids go, do you have a link to what they (MSM) wrong?  After hearing and watching all of the videos, still looked like a bunch of racist, misogynistic spoiled punks to me

yea, I'm curious to see if any new video came to light that showed these kids to be such glorious saints preaching the gospel and words of love and showing the entire world how we should have proper intelligent conversations with people we don't agree with.

Everything that has been shown has looked more like something out of Golding instead.

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