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Does anyone think both teams should get the ball in sudden death overtime? In a championship game with 2 weeks to rest, should they not play a full quarter? 

Each team should have at least one shot with the ball.  I much rather see it end with the college version of tiebreaker rather than the NFL version.

Absoulutely Mangiare.  CFL OT rules: Under the current rules, if the score is tied at the end of a game, each team gets an opportunity to scrimmage from its opponent's 35-yard-line, until it makes a score or loses possession. If the score remains tied, the procedure is repeated at the opposite end of the stadium.

The outcome of the Pats game is a joke, as is the other.  Between the bad/missed calls that were game changers in the final minutes of the game and the coin toss for a single team to get the receiving advantage, the result is that 'best two teams' going to the Superbowl is simply a flawed concept at best.  

The sudden death OT approach of the NFL is the equivalent of giving one European football, a.k.a. soccer, 5 penalty kicks and if they get any, they win.  Beyond stupid.  

Sadly, all that will be remembered if Pats win again is how great Brady was, not the missteps that got them to the game.  Would be better if the team that wins got there of its own accord (without refs determining the outcome) and in on a level OT playing field. 


New Orleans won the coin toss, got the ball first and lost. 

New England got the ball first and won.

50/50 results....kind of like a coin toss.  

except we all know on an NFL coin,  that there is actually a 51/49 bias towards the side the coin that started out facing.

On an actual coin, the odds are even more biased towards the side the coin starting face position because most people dont know how to flip a coin and instead it just wobbles in the air.

add to the fact that on the law of averages those receiving the ball first have a 52% chance of winning the ball game means 

1.  you always choose to receive the ball

2. you always look to see what face the coin is and you pick the same face.

I like the NFL rules as they stand now.  If you lose the coin toss, you have a chance to get the ball.  All you have to do is stop the offence from scoring a TD. If you can't, you don't have anything to complain about beside your poor defense.  You want a chance at the ball, stop the other team.  Simple. 

It would be interesting to see the stats on what percentage of 'Receiving teams' in OT won.  My guess (and it's an educated guess only) is that there is an advantage to winning the coin toss.  


I gave it, it's 52% chance of winning the game if you win the coin toss