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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

mangiare posted:
vint posted:

Oh my god. We’ve regressed all the way back to the public school playground. 

How’s this for an idea?  How about  posters in this thread debate ideas, ideologies, issues and possibilities using logic, verifiable facts, humor and a dash of humility? Lose the attacks on the other guy’s character, intelligence and anything else personal that serve only to drag discourse into the gutter. 

It’s hard. I know. The first reaction is visceral. You want to go after the person, not their viewpoint. Public figures are not exactly settling a good example here. But you can do this.  You’re all intelligent, well-spoken, upstanding guys. 

Go back to your corners.  Take a deep breath.  Come out fighting, but keep it clean. No low blows. Okay? 

Miss you VinT. We need to share a glass in the near future. 

Amen, bro