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So, like, the very first person to cook Brussels sprouts with bacon. Because someone had to be the first. What do you think was his inspiration?  It seems so obvious, but once upon a time it wasn’t. And when he (or she) cooked it for the villagers, what was their response?  

I'm still wondering what the first person to eat a Brussels sprout was thinking and if they ever ate another one?   If so, he or she must have been very hungry...

But!?! But?!? Brussels sprouts are SO GOOD!! Split and par-boil in water with a good amount of white wine vinegar, while you are doing that cook diced bacon on med-low to render a lot of the fat. Don't take the bacon all the way to crispy. Remove bacon, leaving the rendered fat and increase temp to almost smoking. Pan fry the drained sprouts until they get some nice colour and crust, throwing in the bacon near the end. You might need to add some more acid depending on taste. Really it's the acid cuttign through the richness of the bacon fat that makes the dish. And getting enough colour/crust while still having a firm tooth. You don't want mush.  

it just sounds like you really like bacon.

What g-man said! But do confess to once in my life liking Brussels sprouts. It was at Richmond Station as part of the Chef's menu. There were as small as my babfingernail, split in half, marinated in something sweet and savoury, and I ate two of them. Or two halves at least. I survived the ordeal, perhaps because they (mercifully) tasted nothing like Brussels sprouts!