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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

thistlintom posted:

I think we have seen Twitter at its worst.  After an initial report on a group of Catholic boys who confronted and antagonized a Native American Indian in DC, which was later determined to be false, many people rushed to condemn the boys for their actions.  Not only that, people threatened these kids with violence.  And on top of that, the boys and the school received death threats and the school had to be closed.

It shows the importance of appropriate and accurate reporting, which seems to be deficient by those in the media who rush to get out stories before doing proper digging and getting the story right.  Immediacy of actions in news in the online world is causing significant problems, as seen by what has happened to these high school kids.  Overreaction by those on social media compound the problem

I was one who initially condemned these kids, and I regret doing so.  It is a lesson of waiting to get the whole picture before deciding to draw conclusions or take action.  

If you saw all of hte videos circulating, not just two of them, you'd see that the boys were antagonizing a native american indian in dc, along with  other young gals minding t heir own business walking around.

you'd also see that the native americans who approached and stood 5 feet away from the steps were surrounded by the teens.

I'd have to ask, they had adult chaperones there.  If you thought  your kids were in trouble, shouldn't you have stepped in and said something?  

I know I would respectfully ask anybody approaching any child under my care to step back.