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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:

Still better than Hillary!   How do you agree with or disregard the following:

- Deletion of 30k emails / cleaned with bleach bit after they have been subpoenaed

- Sanctuary cities

- Abolishment of ICE

- Welcome Illegal immigration 

So much more that makes zero sense to anyone.  No one could stand for the above policies and run on that and actually get elected.  You seriously don't think ISIS has been dealt a major blow? 

Napa, I took a little time to do some fact-checking on the points you make above.  The point re deletion of emails has been dealt with by PROSYS and in any case is in no way equivalent to the mounting evidence, much of it available before the election, that Trump and/or his campaign was in cahoots with the Russians to illegally influence the outcome of the election, never mind his obvious failings as a leader and a human being and model to and symbol to the world and America.  The world is laughing at him and so at your country, the negative consequences of which for the US and the world will be ever more painfully apparent as time goes on.

Here is a fact-check on Hillary's support for sanctuary cities, which you will see is much more nuanced and balanced than you suggest:

I can find nothing about Hillary Clinton wanting to abolish ICE and as a Senator she voted to establish it.  Nor can I find her saying that she welcomed illegal immigration or anything like that, so unless you can find a quote of her saying that, it seems that you are either making that up or taking it from people on Fox or Breitbart or wherever else the far right resides.

In any case, even if all of the above were true, it would not begin to balance the long and short-term damage Trump is doing to your country and the world. I get that you voted for him and are afraid to admit that was a mistake, and so are struggling to rationalize your decision, but it simply is not possible for anyone with even a basic knowledge of politics or how government works to think that he is fit to be President, if not before the election, certainly now.

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