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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

bman posted:
napacat posted:

Oh what a great move by the President to deny the use of our aircraft for Pelosi's overseas trip.  Bet her eyes got a little wider when she learned.  They need to show up to the table.

Trump should have the SOTU anyway and play a video of Obama, Clinton, Schumer and other democrats calling for a wall / stronger border security in the past.

Do you have an issue with him divulging that she was going to Afghanistan, thereby putting her and the military and other staff that were accompanying her at risk?

He can have the SOTU anywhere he likes, just not in the House.

Also, you are forgetting that Trump had agreed to sign the necessary legislation - that McConnell and the rest of the Republicans and Democrats had negotiated - until Fox News got all up in his face about it.  As he himself said - on live TV no less - he owns the shutdown and only he can end it!

I actually don't know if the Afghan part of the trip was meant to be a secret or not.

I am aware that there was some agreement on his part to sign...but can always change his mind for whatever reason.