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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

irwin posted:
g-man posted:

I want to point out, that, throughout history, there has been a particular country that has built a gigantic border wall.

And it failed, miserably.  The mongols had no trouble invading the country even with a massive wall.

Also, in modern times, more foreigners, now cross, step on, across, take pieces off the wall than ever before.

I think you've hit on a great idea, G-Man.  We build the wall.  It becomes a great tourist attraction.  We make it a national monument. We charge admission for people to touch it, kick it, etc.  We recoup the $5 Billion.  If we charge $5 per person, and we get 10,000 visitors per year, that would be $50,000 per year, and it would only take..................never mind.

Irwin, but it would offer a wonderful canvas for graffiti artist! 

The facts are we have a willfully ignorant president who has averaged over 10 lies per day, 10! That can’t be easy.

The POS wants $5B. That would allow enough money for between 150 and 200 miles of wall for a 1900 mile border. Now that would not include any annual or long term maintenance, additional  personnel required to monitor forever, additional technologies required, just some dumbass wall that would only be 1700 miles short of the entire border. The fact is the overwhelming numbers of illegals enter through border crossings, not some remote location.

The facts are only half of illegal immigrants are from Mexico and half of those came here legally and have overstayed their visa due to outdated work visa laws. A wall does nothing to address these issues. 

The president knows that the 1/3 of the voting Americans that support him are also willfully ignorant and incapable of critical thinking ( see Napa and the other troll here) so it doesn’t matter what BS comes out of his mouth. Plus, we all know Mexico is going to pay for it, trust me Trump says.