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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

jcocktosten posted:
wineart 2 posted:

Thank you, Chief Justice!

Perhaps we have a new swing vote to replace Kennedy.

Not remotely IMO.  An extremely conservative justice albeit one who has some respect for precedent and some intellectual honesty unlike Alito, Gorsuch and and Thomas.  That he is being viewed as a swing vote shows just how dramatically the Court has moved to the right 

He has clearly been the swing vote just like yesterday. Kennedy was too a very conservative judge, and in fact had an equal conservative rating as Roberts with one major exception, gay rights. Remove Kennedy’s correct view ( my opinion) on all things gay rights and he voted 23 out of 25 times with the extreme right judges over the past decades on major split vote issues.

Don’t forget Kennedy voted to overturn Obamacare and I’m not sure he would not have voted with the right yesterday based on his past. It was Roberts that saved Obamacare six years ago, not Kennedy. I guess my point is, “if” there is a swing vote, it will be Roberts as there seems to be a lock 4-4 vote almost guaranteed anymore all too often, IMO.  

I always appreciate hearing your opinion, JC.