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bman posted:
wineart 2 posted:

The orange felon is now quoting Geraldo Rivera for his defense!   Napa and his ilk must be so very proud.

Mueller and his team currently have 192 criminal charges against 36 people, 7 guilty pleas thus far, 3 people sentenced, one conviction in a trail and dozens of sealed indictments already filed and just yesterday Trump now tied directly to felonies. The good news, this is just the beginning for Trump and his troubles. 

Drain the swamp, hell the orange POS created his own swamp. I’m curious what the now ex- chief of staff told Mueller and his team recently? 

Looks as though people at Fox have started seeing the light in reference to the orange felon. Chris Wallace and the second most watched Fox show host Tucker Carlson are no longer drinking Trump’s pathological lies. 

Tick, tick, tick.

And the last adult in the room will now be gone by year-end.....

That is indeed a sobering thought.