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Oh my, I have been in Europe for a week and it seems the forum has decided to feed the troll once again. 

No one could be as willfully ignorant as Napa appears without being a simple troll. Napa clearly has the intellectual depth of a hummingbird, equates all in this thread as a Democrat that does not agree with him, ( WRONG) thinks Dump is a republican ( WRONG) has zero understanding of history just like Dump, yet Napa clear plays the fool well.

Napa attacks democrats. The hummingbird mind can’t understand it was the generational Democrats that put Dump in office. Pretty simple to understand for most. The hummingbird also can’t seem to comprehend ( surprise) that I haven’t seen people within this thread ( perhaps I missed something) that are taking strong positions on the nominee without ALL the facts. Seems odd to me that cases from decades ago have serious relevance against Cosby, sexual abuse cases 50 years old have relevance against priest, yet potential sexual abuse against Kavanaugh should not be thoroughly investigated. As people have pointed out to the hummingbird, background checks are not criminal investigations. Doesn’t seem too hard to me, but I’m not a hummingbird.

The fact that Kavanaugh’s accuser talked about him and his attack some six years ago, sought professional counsel, passed a lie detector test and is willing to face eleven old angry  white men before the nation would at least cause a moment of pause. What is the rush? The Republican Party was okay having only eight sitting justices for over 400 days, but now they are in a rush? Right! 

Napa our resident hummingbird brain is such a large pile of shit he makes Clinton’s look like a grain of salt in comparison... and as a Clinton hater, that is hard to do. 

Now, back to our European holiday where Dump is MUCH more hated than he even is by the 68% in America. 


Stay in point in conversing with you. 

A wonderful hummingbird brain reply. When the facts aren’t on your side, punt! 

I have no doubt you are proud of that presidential performance last night. Oh, I loved the Dump’s response to the question about being laughed at by the world.  Fake news replies the Dump. Care to explain that reply, or is that too difficult?