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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:

The Kavanaugh accuser wants Kavanaugh to testify first.  Can anyone see this for the sham that it is.  What a joke...I hope the Republicans have some resolve and dont allow them to dictate terms.

If you have an accusation...come forward and say it.  Then allow the judge to defend himself and his honor.

How do any of you vote Democrat.  They are embarrassing.    The first reply to the last statement will be  “and Trump isn’t”.

Can someone let the FBI investigate Keith Ellison”s accuser.  Happy to see him go down!  

Economic numbers great today...winning is feeling good.

Not sure you'll feel like a winner after November 6, never mind when Trump's tax returns and his other embarrassing secrets are  made public and he falls even lower in the polls as more people see him for what he is.

And I have never voted Democrat and never will. Of course, I'm Canadian.....