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Euphemism award of the year:...Trump is unique...  Kind of like calling Stalin a firm ruler.

It's unfortunate that 30%+ of our  low information voting countrymen will hear this on Fox, take it to the bank and continue drinking their PBRs and farting into their 20 year old sofas.




What an elitist ridiculous statement!  Keep judging your deplorables!

Funny, i recall a certain GOP candidate who talked about a certain 47% who pay no taxes.

Top 10 states with the most non payers. (Not in top 10 order) New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Lousiana, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, South Carollina, Florida and Idaho.

Since we're suppose to be in america, I judge folks who can actually pay their taxes =D

Interesting post, G-Man.  How many of those 10 states with the most non-tax payers voted for the current occupant of the W.House?  How many of the Republican voters went that way because they liked the Republican candidate's proposals to cut taxes? 

alas, such analysis requires much more information then  is covered by the IRS and potentially inaccurate polls makes finding such link even more difficult.

The only (fun) link that one can draw is simply to make a light hearted gesture of states who swung for Trump and states who have the largest percentage of folks who don't pay taxes.