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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
bman posted:
napacat posted:

I see a giant red wave in November.

You're the only one.....




No comment on the Kavanaugh situation?  This is an embarrassment for an accomplished senator to pursue.  Laughable.  

It was a bad attempt by the Dems to try and stop this sham of a confirmation, totally agree.

Oh btw, this week alone, your boy:

*fist pumped his way to a 9/11 memorial

*totally discounted almost 3,000 dead US CITIZENS in Puerto Rico

*falsely claimed the GDP growth was higher than Unemployment for first time in 100 years

*went over the 5,000 lies/misleading statements mark (verified) since he took over office.

*Continues to see his poll numbers drop

Someone that supports 45 doesn't get to make claims about other people being embarrassing