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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

The girls and I are getting the band back together, finally! However, mind you, our new band name is Vineyard Skynard, cleverly, if I do say so myself!  Our songs will include such wine themed song names parodied from you know who:

Three Sips
T for Tokaji
Gimme Back my Beaujolais
Sweet Rhone in Alabama
and my own, personal, expertly arranged take on Double Trouble, "Double Dees"
More to come!

I trust you get my drift and the clever, light hearted nature of the band, absolutely! I will be "rocking" the vocals, bass and tambourine, expertly! If and when you are in the Sonoma area you can expect to see us "rocking" happy hour at live venues, absolutely! Stop by and say "Hi!!