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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
winetarelli posted:
billhike posted:

I made a work instruction with pictures today and hung it in the kitchen at work to help those who can't change a roll of paper towels. 

I recently walked into a family member’s hime and the toilet paper was hanging from the behind/bottom as opposed to the top/front. How am I related to such a troglodyte?

The horror!  Are you related genetically, or by marriage?    

I have a wonderful housekeeper who has taken great care of my homes for over 20 years.  One day, in an attempt to be helpful, she replaced an almost finished roll of TP in the guest bath and hung it bass-ackwards.  I left her a nice note on her next visit, and she has not repeated the travesty again.  


It's funny, but the kernel of the story that I took away from this is that it took 20 years before your housekeeper encountered an almost depleted TP roll before she could rehang a new roll in an unconscionably wrong orientation. My mind reels over the possible range of explanations!