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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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I do, because I happen to be American and I don't like Russia destabilizing our fundamental rights as Americans.  You know, Country before party?

Also, you could take the story today to say instead of reuniting 1600 families to 2300 families unnecessarily separated that we had to go and fix it and still have 700 children without their parents.

As w the economy., look it's my business to study economic numbers, let me throw you out some numbers.

Forbes is hardly what one would call a "liberal" publication.

But just look at the graph.  The real GDP growth has yet to top what it was in 2015 and still below what is a terrific 2014 where real gdp growth was at 5.2%

Non farm payrolls growth is still 20% below what it was in 2014

Real wage growth was 1.3% in 2014.  It started up in 2017 but has been trending downwards and even started going negative end of 2017 to finally return back to 0% real wage growth.  That means in all of Trumps terms, there has been stagnant real wage growth for all workers.  Not exactly a raving review.

Lets take after tax income, 2014, the average real disposable income was 5.3%.  It's only 1.9% in the past year and a half.

But what about the stock market you say?  It would have been better during obama's second term, well until trump started doing some dumb tweeting and knocked it down to match the growth seen during 2014-2015.

Regardless, I'm of the boat it's stupid to talk about economic policy with folks who don't understand what acutally goes into it.  It's a bad talking point where people just like to throw out numbers and has no idea what it means.  Do you know waht the difference between 5.2% real gdp vs 4.1% gdp looks like?

But you know what you can tangibly understand?  Blowing a 1.5 trillion dollar hole in teh deficit when times are good.  You're suppose to save when times are good, not blow out your savings.  And now trump is telling the Fed they need to keep rates low so credit is easier??? you know there's a popular phrase when I was starting work.  I believe it was called "irrational exuberance".  And now they want to talk about a second round of tax cuts?  Then we're giving away free aid money to people affected by the tariffs?

i'm glad you're happy where you are because I'm certianly not.  This fiscal conservative voter has been through 3 different market crashes and has seen his personal portfolio dip to almost 0 twice.  I can't wait till they get everyone on this individual retirement savings plan, let's get the other 50% of americans who don't understand how to properly invest into the market!

I will certainly agree with you regarding the deficit, not something I can get on board with when Republicans specifically ran against it.  That is not addressing a problem that needs immediate attention.  

Back to the original question...if Putin so strongly denied meddling to Trump (we know he did), would he actually come out and say he ordered it at the press conference immediately after the meeting?

So, this is pretty obvious

1.  Trump is lying.  Not a very far stretch of the imagination since he's consistently lied throughout his life

2.  Putin doesnt care about what Americans think and can outright just tell you he's meddling in our country because Trump doesnt care about Americans either.

So GDP out today, 4.1% against a predicted backdrop of 4.2%.  Underachieving as noted that the Market is pretty much going down right now.  Also note an extra 2% quarter on quarter inflation on personal consumption expenditures.  A little lower than forecasted but you know what that still shows that the Fed is right to be concerned about having a massive stimulus when times are good, that just from 3 months ago, inflation has shot up 2%.  Can't wait till I lament to my kids that my 3 pack of socks used to only cost me 8$.


Additionally, most economic growth in Q2 is attributed to the irrational tax cut and foreign markets buying up goods before tariffs take effect.  If Q3 is not significantly down, I'll chug a bottle of retsina and post it for your entertainment.


That entire absurd and laughable show by Trump yesterday was nothing more than trying to take the spotlight off of him and his dreadful week of bad news. 

This president has zero interest in facts ( see our village idiot) and is desperate to change the narrative. Trump’s chest pounding yesterday was funny, really. The quarter as gman pointed out didn’t meet projections and Wall Street reacted negatively. Trump’s prideful quarter would be the 14th best under Reagan, 13th best under Clinton, 5th best under Obama and 5th best under Bush. This and all coupled with adding $1T in debt thus far. 

Color me unimpressed.