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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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I watch CNN, MSNBC, BBC And Fox.  Read the WSJ and our local rag the Mami Herald.  Th generic poll had Clinton winning big.  I don’t see the Dems taking the house or the senate.  This is change... and long overdue!  The Obama admin was a complete embarrassment!  Now that is incompetency.  

A community organizer who never had a real job!  “ You didn’t build that”.  “This is the new norm... no growth”.  Well we were tired of that. America is better than anything Obama ever did or said. 

But inclusivity of the world is our goal.  In a fair and just manner.  Stick with it... gong to work out.  Bye to all f the former “experts”.

I thought we were talking about whether or not Trump is a joke on the world stage, not Obama.  The latter is no longer President so it doesn't matter today what the world thinks of him though since you raised it, if you really think the world thought Obama was an embarrassment and Trump is not, then I cannot accept your claim that you watch BBC or watch or read any other news source that is not American.  Believe me, there is a global consensus that Trump is an odious clown who is destroying America's global leadership. 

All empires eventually fade then fail, and he is speeding that process for America. Which saddens me, as someone who has lived in the US and loves the country and its people.

And BTW, Obama was a practising lawyer and law professor for 12 years - how is that not a real job?  It's tough to take your points seriously when you purposely misrepresent the facts.  Sometimes you seem to want to be taken seriously while others you are just trolling, as above. If we're going to have a proper debate, please be truthful.  If you're not interested in a constructive debate, please say so.

As for the midterms, you are right that the polls got it wrong in 2016 and perhaps will again this year but the governing party almost always loses big in the midterms.  Time will tell!

B, our village idiot has no interest in facts, truth, critical thinking and never wants to drill down into any subject matter. It’s just too hard for him and each time, each time he is confronted with facts he changes the topic ( see above as you pointed out) and falls back on his BS. It is Obama’s fault, or Hillary ‘s fault, or the media is biased. 

Does this remind you of anyone that gets orange spray tans, has his hair backcombed daily before using a can a day of hairspray and is a pathological liar? 

Are you referring to the giant Oompa Loompa?