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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
g-man posted:

So, this is pretty obvious

1.  Trump is lying.  Not a very far stretch of the imagination since he's consistently lied throughout his life

2.  Putin doesnt care about what Americans think and can outright just tell you he's meddling in our country because Trump doesnt care about Americans either.

So GDP out today, 4.1% against a predicted backdrop of 4.2%.  Underachieving as noted that the Market is pretty much going down right now.  Also note an extra 2% quarter on quarter inflation on personal consumption expenditures.  A little lower than forecasted but you know what that still shows that the Fed is right to be concerned about having a massive stimulus when times are good, that just from 3 months ago, inflation has shot up 2%.  Can't wait till I lament to my kids that my 3 pack of socks used to only cost me 8$.


Additionally, most economic growth in Q2 is attributed to the irrational tax cut and foreign markets buying up goods before tariffs take effect.  If Q3 is not significantly down, I'll chug a bottle of retsina and post it for your entertainment.


haha i'll take you on that bet =) consumer confidence is still riding  decently high.  forecasts are all pointing that 1Q 2019 is most likely when the party is over, unless the republican blow another trillion dollars in the deficit.  Which of course, sets up the inevitable "See told you we weren't at fault for the recession" few years afterwards