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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
purplehaze posted:

bill hike - It's stuff like this that made me decide not to address this particular poster any longer.  The level of spin is just incredible.  The inability to get out of the Faux News manipulated slant on all topics to me is the sign of a closed mind.  

Disastrous tariffs have caused great harm to our farming families, so we throw 12B at the problem.  Tantamount to cutting of someones hand and then handing them a shiny new prosthetic!  So much winning.  


Keep thinking you have everyone figured out.  Why they voted for Trump (Racist, uneducated, fear immigrants, homophobes...whatever).  All wrong.  You have no idea what I listen to for news.  

How can you not be open to another point of view?  Nothing is personal...just general discussion...and would probably like most of you over a great bottle of wine.

I'm always open to another point of view, which is why I enjoy this thread and engaging with people who disagree with me on Facebook, provided of course they don't post racist nonsense on my wall! ;-)

However, if you really disagree that the US is a joke on the world stage or your allies are abandoning you while your enemies are laughing at you, then you really really REALLY need to check out non-American news sources, pretty much any from Europe or Canada. You say we don't know what you listen to for news which is true of course, but I can only guess that it is only American sources and when you say "listen to" it seems you are not reading any news.  If you WERE checking out non-American news sources you would know that Trump has made himself and so his country a laughingstock around the world.  Here in Canada, for example, we only stop laughing when we shiver a little at his latest threat to a sensible world order.

However, now that Cohen is turning against him and his CFO has been subpoenaed, and the Democrats lead in the generic poll and the gap between those who don't and do favour Trump continue to grow, I'm confident that the Dems will take back the House in November which should blunt some of Trump's worst excesses.  Not that he won't continue to say and do terrible things and continue to give the world reasons to laugh at him, of course, but we can then rest a little easier perhaps that Congress will grow a spine and stop him from doing his worst.