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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

g-man posted:
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g-man posted:

Apologies MSNBC did a copy right take down =)

skip to 1:40.

There's an actual video with the exact question and the response.  

 I didn't say Trump is Hitler and Nazi, but you know what, it's getting close.  I've spent loads of free time reading historical books (and dare i say, I've read Mein Kampf as well) so its a hobby of mine, there are certainly similarities for me to make an informed opinion about it.  If you can prove to me otherwise, I'll stop immediately.

Ok watched the video.  Question... it cuts off after Putin said yes he did, as he wanted to help the US / Russia relations.  Was there more to the answer regarding the directing people to get involved?  One can take that he was replying he wanted Trump to win.  

And I say good for him...who could have wanted Hillary!   

Does Trump want the extinction of a particular group that I am unaware of? 

Let's be very clear

The question was

"President Putin, did you want President Tump to win the election, and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?"

Putin - "Yes, I did, Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the US-Russia relationship back to normal."

and no, Putin has very clear grasp of the English language.  

I can't help you honestly, I give you video proof of the question and what Putin says in direct response to you saying "show me evidence of collusion".  Also pointed out the whitehouse transcript which still hasn't been corrected. 

Whats the new motto?  Don't believe what you see, unless Trump feeds it to you?

And your last question, "Does Trump want the extinction of a particular group?"  Yes. it's called Free press.  Let's not forget even legal immigrants are being targeted.  


Fair enough... I see your point.   I just don’t have the same hysterical perspective.  I mean he had two to chose from and he chose properly!  I personally think the overly negative press is going to bounce back and not work in the left’s favor.  It’s too much... 92% or more negative%. 

You could take a story from today and say the administration has succeeded in reuniting 1600 families (not sure of the exact number)...instead it reads admin fails to reunite 700 before the deadline.   

Things are going well.  Economy is great.  Getting federal judges appointed and potentially a minimum of two SC justices.  So far so good.  Much better off than where we would be under a HC admin!