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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
g-man posted:

Btw napa, where as I have grudgingly sat through things like fox news and breibart before responding, Im a little disappointed you didnt even click on the link in my original post to see the actual video in question before responding.

Gman, I did click on the link and there was no video.  Also, have not read too much about it other than hearing a brief report on the news last night and ready the link to what Sunnylea posted and PH's confirmation.

One thing I have an issue with though, is any comparison to Hitler or to Nazi's pretty much discourages me from taking anyone seriously with anything else they have to say.  

Apologies MSNBC did a copy right take down =)

skip to 1:40.

There's an actual video with the exact question and the response.  

 I didn't say Trump is Hitler and Nazi, but you know what, it's getting close.  I've spent loads of free time reading historical books (and dare i say, I've read Mein Kampf as well) so its a hobby of mine, there are certainly similarities for me to make an informed opinion about it.  If you can prove to me otherwise, I'll stop immediately.

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