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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

wineart 2 posted:

PH, the NJ conman thinks everyone is as gullible as his tribal cult. 

He only plays to and cares about his cult, period. 

I will offer them all vodka shots and bong-hits, in the spirit of conciliation.  Even the couple of friends I have that voted for the dotard are embarrassed and contrite at this point.  I only hope that right-thinking Americans are energized in November.  That's "energised," to you, b-man!  

I predict major interference, sleight of hand and disinformation this fall in an attempt to distract voters from the idiocy that is currently going on.  Stay focused, America.

Oh... napacat?  We're still waiting for your insights on Helsinki.  An update on the "major winning," from North Korea would be fun to read as well...  


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