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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

g-man posted:
Khrystyna Iurkova posted:

ahah guys, would it be too random if I ask you to pass a questionnaire related to the wine and its labeling? Help me to make wine marketing better  Moreover, with the glass of wine the questionnaire goes much better!

The link is below:

That wou ld go into the regular wine conversations topic not something completely random and off topic =)


also in interest of disclosure, please post what affliation you have with any commercial interests and what is the purpose of our information when filling out the survey.


Because that would be logical to ask about wine people who are actually interested in it, and not just random people in fb.

And there is no any commercial interest (although I mentioned a bar). It's a project I am doing while studying at my university. The purpose of your information is to gain some insights in consumer preferences towards labelling, that's it