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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
bman posted:

At least Napa has had the courage of his convictions to participate in this discussion.  Where are the others who have defended The Orange Menace in the past?  One who posted racist rants against Obama, for example?   Hoping they have seen their champion for what he really is, if not before today, then now. 

Based on recent posts, I believe that the poster you reference has been relegated to non-political and tamer territory.  That said, he was more known for anti-O posts vs. pro-T disinformation.

As far as "courage of convictions" are concerned, I call humbug.  Himmler and Goebels had the courage of their convictions too, and they were f.....g wrong as hell from the get-go. Convictions and humanity are different animals.  

Just one winos opinion, of course. 


I'm not saying that I agree with his convictions, nor am I defending anything he said.  Didn't someone say that while they disagreed with someone's views they defended their right to express them?  But be assured, when it comes to The Orange Menace, I could not agree more with the sentiments you and w + a and the other right-thinking people here have expressed. I'm Canadian, after all!! But he spoke up and engaged, which is more than some others with similar views have done.  So I'm just going to presume that they have now seen the errors of their ways and will vote Democrat now and in the next election.  I'm sure I'm right!