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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
patespo1 posted:

strzok clowning a bunch of small minds today, what a joke this hearing is 

Amazingly inept and predictable performance by the Repub shills.  I'd rather be in a foxhole with one Peter Strzok than every Republican in congress put together.  

Repulsive that they gave him time for "brief" responses to the spurious accusations, then let him be constantly interrupted while trying to speak, and then called "time out" before he could complete a sentence.  

Vote in November, people.  Our republic depends on it.



I cannot fathom how anyone can listen to the Democrats during this show today and not see the partisan hypocracy.  Grant the Republicans interrupted the answers and that was not cool.  But Strzok was smug, arrogant and completely biased. 

Yes vote, I see the Republicans doing very well.