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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
wineart 2 posted:

Winetarilli... #truth... yet the Trumpoids cult have zero interest in the truth... see Napa.

More BS from you.  Go ahead and paint everyone who disagrees with you a racist.  Instead of answering the question I posed to regarding a solution.  

But carry on...


I’m genuinely confused and won’t go ad hominem. Facts aren’t BS. Both legal and illegal immigrants are far less likely to commit murder than are natural born citizens. That’s true. So why is it relevant that in history it has happened?  We have a rapidly aging population and “replacing” the older generations with immigrants instead of natural born Americans would actually make the country much safer, not less safe. So I ask again, why parade out a few families whose lives have been upended when we know that based upon our current immigration laws, immigrants are more likely to be nonviolent than natural born Americans?  What possible reason is there?  If you can think of a reason that is not fear-mongering / stupidity / xenophobia / “squirrel!” / scapegoating / intentionally adding to and exacerbating racism I would love to read it. 

Immigration is a complicated issue.  And especially for dreamers (and immediate family members who have been here for decades) we must find a way to protect those who are nonviolent functionally American. There is a lot more to be said. And considered. (I’m slowly coming around on very strict regulation with government monopoly — but legaliation — of heroine/cocaine/etc.)  It would take months to write about the nuances and complexities of the matter. And compromises will have to be reached.  And I hope one day we can have a clear eyed comprehensive immigration reform...

But here’s the ugliness: immigration is already not really a problem. Under Obama, for natural born citizens, it was already not a problem. For our national security, it was already not a problem. For our standing in the world, our standard of life, it was already not a problem. When Trump took office the only people in this country with a legitimate primary gripe about our immigration policy were the immigrants.  Obama era immigration laws and enforcement were less of a threat than the diminishing bee population. So why are we even talking about this?  Racism. Xenophobia. Scapegoating. “Squirrel!”  


Oh, and also, the dude ripped children out of their parents arms and put them in motherfucking cages!

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