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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

g-man posted:

It's called a proper comprehensive immigration reform.

You have two sides, one that says we should have immigration with proper limits and one that's a hardline, No immigrants period.  I can tell you that the no immigrants camp is being completely unreasonable.

This country was founded on immigrants.  We are culturally diverse, we utilize the plethora of ideas and cultures to make this country better, everybody has something they can offer a country when they make the potentially extremely dangerous journey to come to the country of opportunity. 


Proper immigration can be tied to things like large scale infrastructure programs where you get the opportunity to gain citizenship and a salary once you come here to help build and upgrade our aging infrastructure then settle in uninhabited parts of america.  Proper immigration can be tied to more appropriate "trial" periods where if they're hard working and a member of their community, they should get a fair shot at becoming a citizen.  There are soo many things I can list that can be part of a comprehensive immigration package, I'm not sure why one group insists that "No one gets in" is the proper way to go forward.

And I'll reiterate Napacat, that our respective families would never have made it in to this country with today's immigration laws.


Good post.  Agree with everything that your wrote.