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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

wineart 2 posted:

Napa, you can’t possibly be that obtuse. Just not possible. 

Everyone? Nice try making that up. Not said or implied. 

Everyone is welcome legally. Once again, not true, especially with your president. Do you even know what you are talking about? Did you read what gman said? Do you have a clue what your president is saying about imagination? Clearly you are clueless, and I’m being kind. 

Press conference? Didn’t see it.  Did Trump hold a conference about all the people killed in Chicago last weekend by legal citizens? I missed it. What was his plan? Did he propose to pass out guns to everyone just like he did for teachers?  I’m confident he said something to fan the flame from you and other Trumpoid cult members. 

Everyone was a little too broad...thanks for the correction.   You don't really need to be as sarcastic and witty as you think you are...but hey, if it makes you feel superior then go ahead.

As a mater of fact, Trump has talked about the violence in Chicago and reigning it in a lot more than the last president who was formerly from there ( oh I know...there goes the "what about that again")

There is no cult.  There are only two sides to choose from at the moment...and the democrats are simply out of their minds and show themselves to be the most intolerable people to anyone having an opposing  view.  

What is you solution to the Illegals coming here, being smuggled in, with children / without children or coming on their own?