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It’s not about what they think of the current situation, it’s about how they spoke out against illegal immigration when it benefits them.  

Does an issue have to affect you personally to be bad for the country?  One example...many illegals (and legals) drive in S FL without auto insurance....that causes the cost of my insurance to go up.  Small example.  Add in the worst Medicaid / Medicare fraud in the country right here.


My problem with anything you say is that very few of it is based on reality/facts.  

driving without auto insurance is a big issue, but then again i have alot of legal citizens with florida plates driving in NY full time, even though they live in NY and pay florida insurance. 
auto insurance fraud is also a big issue:
Again these aren't illegal immigrants committing these crimes.

Worst medicaid/medicare fraud are not committed by illegal immigrants but rather by fellow citizens.

You seem hung up on "but what about this person"   We're not talking about any one else except what is happening here and now with this particular adminstration.  I never dwell on anything that has happened in the past with someone else because they honestly have nothing to do with one another.  I have always voted against Schumer for instance, it didnt work out, but I don't use the fact that Schumer may h ave said something or done something in the past to even remotely justify what someone else does.  (btw Schumer is still a despicable person and his speeches in person are just a rambling mess.)

It's like saying, "oh hey, it's okay for me to steal from XXXX just because this other person i read about it does it".  Do people not have a moral compass anymore?  You know that line that you should know whether something is right and wrong?  Or do folks nowadays just use "oh but he's doing it too" as an excuse?

wait wait, I can play this game.  Jerry Sandusky is a bad hombre, but what about all those evil catholic priests that abuse little boys????  Does that mean jerry sandusky shouldn't be considered evil because someone else does it?  See how stupid that sounds?

I think you have a reading comprehension problem. If you look at my post I also included legal residents.  It is not about a "What about this person". It is about the hypocrisy, you cannot be outraged by one and not the other.  If you are consistent...I have no problem with it.  

As noted, I am very consistent in my beliefs, and btw, if you believe in standardized tests, I scored 99% on reading in the following examples,

MCATS, DATS, LSAT, GMAT, my Series exams for financial regulators =)

your example is classic "what about ism" just because you added (legals) in it.  You're basically saying illegals have a negligible effect on your life because legals do it too.  Which is true, which is why i don't understand the vitriol you feel about the situation.  Btw unless your wife has a PhD, she probably would not be allowed into this country with today's current immigration policy.  I know for a fact my grandfather who came to this country legally, who worked 50 years as a barber in Chinatown would never have made it in this country under today's immigration policy.

Which boils down to the issue, you seem to have a problem with "what about ism"  you seem to imply that it's okay to do things because this other person is doing it.  

I'd be happy if you can recognize your news sources seems to do a lot of that.  Let's not pin the blame on something else when our current administration fucks it up.  Don't you feel like that's a reasonable ask of both our citizens and administration?  Take responsibility for our actions, dont make excuses "just because someone else" does it.  Fair?

My wife does indeed have two Masters degrees obtained here in the U.S. 


Yes fair.  Illegals crossing the border have to take responsibility for their actions.

yes, obtained here in the US.  she would have never have made it here without a PhD with today's immigration laws.

As of 2018, due to this and previous 3 administrations (after 9/11) we have one of the toughest immigration laws in the world.  Basically, almost no one gets citizenship legally but they're still suppose to be able to come to this country and try to obtain citizenship.  

You want to see the eventual outcome of that tight immigrations where no one is allowed in?  Look at japan.  A dying, aging population that is going to lag China as the super power.

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