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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
napacat posted:
g-man posted:

treated extremely well, you mean like getting ripped from their parents at a young age?  Oh wait, "they've got TV".

Explain to me why you think illegal immigration is a huge problem?  I'd love to hear your take on how illegal immigration affects you? 

btw Mexico is the 20th most dangerous country in the world.

I'd love for you to use actual facts, ANY facts at all to back up any of your assertions, it'd go a long way for me to understand your point of view.

GMan and PH...we could go back and forth all day.  Appears we have different views.  Illegal immigration is a huge problem. Just watch both Clintons, Obama and Schumer all saying it.  

I have ZERO problem with legal immigration.  Huge problem with ILLEGAL immigration and if we cannot agree on that...then there is no point in continuing to discuss.  

How much do you think it costs the US daily to care for the children arriving illegally (on ther own, with a parent or being smuggled in (Medical / Food / Sports / Housing...etc)?  

The cost?  A small percentage of what the 1% picked up in the tax cut sham.  

Where would you rather see the money go?  People who want to come here and make a life, pay their fair share of taxes and send their children to good schools, or people who already have it made.. whose kids go to private schools and Ivy League colleges and never have to work another day in their lives?  I know what my answer is.




As it happens, every reputable study shows that the costs and benefits of immigration, be it refugees or others, are at worst, even Canada.  The vast majority of them show a huge economic benefit over time though more so for legal than illegal migrants or refugees.  In the US, I'm guessing the overall benefit may be less due to larger numbers of illegals and refugee claimants, who here generate a lower level of benefits, but who still generate economic and other benefits that far outweigh the costs.  

Regular readers may recall that I have some expertise in matters of immigration.....

And while I'm chiming in, why does Trump focus so much on MS-13?  It's only one of several Latin American drug gangs operating in the US.  Not sure it's so much worse than others, the Zetas, for example.  But for that matter, why the focus on drug gangs when there are so many other criminal gangs out there being a danger?  It's like his focus on Muslim terrorism when I think that more Americans have been killed by domestic terrorists.  Oh, wait, I think I know the answer to that one......