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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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Things have gone terribly off the rails when the Attorney General of the United States has to attempt to explain the difference between what is going on and Nazi Germany

There is a difference??  look back to 1931>1933.  Same tactics

He compared it only because someone had to compare it to Nazi Germany first.  Which is a ridiculous comparison.  

When you have to explain why you're not like a Nazi, you're on pretty shaky moral ground.

 So what would you compare it to?  You know... separating families to inflict the maximum psychic damage in order to achieve a policy goal?  Causing likely long term psychological damage to toddlers?  Mother Teresa?  Mahatma Gandhi?  I'm interested in your thoughts.


It’s certainly a difficult situation.  But to compare it to being in a cage / concentration camp waiting to be killed is not quite on the same level and everyone knows it. These illegal aliens are treated extremely well and a high cost to the government and really to all of us.  


Illegal immigration ion is a huge problem.  Trump ran on it and is trying to rectify it.  Past administrations have done virtually nothing to remedy it.  Just like N Korea.  


They are are leaving a terrible situation ( one might say a shit hole country) for fear of their lives.  They have arrived in Mexico...and are certainly safer correct?  Maybe stay there!  


Democrats don’t care about these kids...just another way to get at the President. No outrage over Peter Fonda?