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Napa, thanks for the LOL moment. We all need more in our day.

You really should pull your head out of your ass. The view is far different. 

Trump prep. He said himself he didn’t need prep. Bolton. No, he was not involved per the White House. He has been accused of trying to sabotage the talks. Where have you been?

Let me understand your president the last few days. Calls Trudeau a “ very dishonest “ “weak” “ back stabbing “ , obnoxious and his tribe says there is a special place in hell for Trudeau. Your president says at the photo op that Kim cares about his people, I trust him, he is a strong man, refused to address human rights and now says that war games are provocative and will cease them without even talking to SK. I’m glad you are comfortable with Trump and how he picks his friends. 

So, Trump offers items NK wants and Kim gives nothing that he hasn’t given before since the 1990’s. Oh, and never followed through. I know you are proud of the president flying halfway around the world to meet with the most murderous and barbaric dictators in the world and offers effusive praise on this animal. All while your president is not welcome in Canada, the UK, is hated in Germany and the presient of France hung up on Trump. 

I realized early you are not a critical thinker ( trying to be kind) but good lord dude, just look at the last week of your president and tell me he is for anyone other than himself. If you are comfortable with Trump kissing the ass of Kim while giving the finger to all of Western Europe this week AND pitching for Russia to be included again in the G7 than you are far more the fool than even I could have imagined! 

The outcome was just as predicted by people on BOTH sides of the aisle. NK scores and Trump gets nothing that has not been offered before. As for your laughable statement that Trump was prepared.... funny how the pentagon was caught off guard, Japan shocked, SK said they didn’t know of any negotiations about war exercises and China left in the blind. Yes, a well prepared man without including the people that will be left with the cleanup from Trump and his 24 hour embarrassment. 

In closing, one dictator met with one want to be dictator. 

Ok Morning Joe....I'll play along with you for a bit.

  • "Trump prep. He said himself he didn’t need prep."                                                         
  • "Bolton. No, he was not involved per the White House. He has been accused of trying to sabotage the talks. Where have you been?"

You think Trump is a liar, yet you selectively choose what to believe and what not to believe.

Bolton  was present at the summit

You really have no idea what I am proud of and I did not mention Canada in my post.  Of course I don't like the narrative that has taken at all.

Kim is a giant POS and everything said about him is on point.  But the hypocritical stance is a bit much.  If Obama did the same thing, he would have won another Nobel Peace prize.

Give it a chance to play out.  Months ago you thought Trump was going to cause nuclear war.    

Dontcha just HATE hypocrisy??!