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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

Originally posted by ThistlinTom:
I spent over an hour getting a rattlesnake out of our yard. Prodded and sprayed with water to try to get it out under the fence, finally used the pool net to catch it and dump it over the fence. I hope I pissed it off and it never returns.

Rattlesnakes aren't necessarily dangerous. And dumping one over a fence doesn't guarantee that it won't return. Snakes are pretty creative in choosing where they hang out. And if your snake found your yard a good place to hang out, another one or seven might just show up in his place.

Make sure your yard is extremely tidy and free of anything that could support a rodent population (the most common reason snakes hang out anywhere). Woodpiles, underbrush etc...

There are also some reasonably safe snake repellents that can be used in a last case scenario. Please don't get close to any venomous snake unless you know what you're doing. A nick from a fang can be very troublesome, especially if you have any kind of allergy to snake venom.

Spoken by someone with a little first hand knowledge.