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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Irwin, Trump can’t find an attorney as he has been told no by the finest of the finest.

You wouldn’t even have to sleep in a hotel while representing this POS pumpkin.

Pumpkin didn’t hire Bolton last year because of his mustache, so make sure you remain clean-shaven. Wink

I used to take lots of cases because I needed the money.
(Like the time I told my wife I had to go downtown at night to get a guy to sign some papers, and I was going to go to a rather unsavory part of town. My wife said, "You can't go there at night! It's too dangerous!" I said, "Yes, but if he signs the papers, I'll make a $5,000 fee." My wife said, "I'll leave the light on in the back for you."

Well, I've earned enough money over the years to be able to pick and choose my clients. I don't think I'd like to represent this particular fellow.