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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

Originally posted by Merengue:
Originally posted by irwin:
It's really a ridiculous story. I wish that Anderson Cooper had asked:

1) Did you pay taxes on the $130,000?

2) You have told us that your attorney told you not to discuss whether you have tapes, videos,etc. What else did your attorney tell you?

3) You take your infant in a car seat to the gym? What gym? Did you sign in? Did you tell anyone there about the threat? Did you just go inside and exercise as if nothing had happened?

4) Were you concerned that you'd become pregnant or contract a disease when you had unprotected sex with Mr. Trump?

5) What did you expect to get by virtue of having sex with a married guy, who you were not attracted to? Was it the gig on the Apprentice? Was it money? Was it fame? Why not just leave like you say you did when you watched the shark movie with him?

Frankly, I am more concerned with the trade war and Bolton.

+1 Irwin

1. Seriously? You want to talk taxes with this person in the Oval Office? Razz

2. She would have only offered the same response.

3. Children in first grade still have car seats. YES, our gym is filled with children as their parents exercise.

4. Irwin, you do know what she does for a living, right? Wink personally I’m confident she knows the ropes! Big Grin

5. Sex is her business and making money off of having sex. I will take it this was a rhetorical question. Razz