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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@bman posted:

Fair enough, though I suspect some context is missing as he's just about to say something else when the video clicks off.  And he clarified his comments later, as I posted above.

Also, this, from Politico:

""Biden’s role, while significant, was not equivalent to leading the response. He was the administration’s main liaison to governors and Congress and succeeded in securing funding from skeptical leaders. Biden’s attempt at messaging, via the “Today” interview, proved that he, at least, took the threat of a pandemic very seriously. But by issuing warnings that others in the administration weren’t prepared to endorse, he contributed to a muddled message.

Biden declined to comment, but former officials described a White House, still in its infancy, bogged down by seismic economic challenges and struggling to keep its signature promise for a universal health care plan. With a Health and Human Services Department still bereft of more than a dozen officials — including the Cabinet secretary — the Obama team now had a fast-moving pandemic with unknown lethality bearing down on them.""

In any case, Trump has made such a mess of the Covid-19 crisis than whatever Biden did or didn't do 11 years ago on H1N1 pales in comparison to the tens of thousands dead, with tens of thousands more to die, millions infected, and the economy in tatters due to Trump's failure of leadership.  The US has the 9th highest rate of death per population at the moment.  Next door Canada with a very similar decentralized health system and all but one of the provincial premiers being of a different party than the Prime Minister, has the 26th highest death rate.  Why is Canada doing so much better?  Because political leaders put their differences aside and worked together, rather than being lied to and mislead by them, as Trump did.

why bother responding to the copy paster.  he has literally 0 original thought of his own.  At best he can muster is a youtube vid of someone else reciting what they heard on reddit or some rando guy who needs the latest conspiracy theory to make a few bucks on a few clicks.  At best, he's the boomer versino of millennials saying "This ..." to everything they see.  At worst, you're literally arguing against a discredited website/youtuber.

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