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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@csm posted:

A good guy like being a segregationist? Or voting against the civil rights act? Just curious. 

Biden is a piece of garbage. He’s just slightly less ripe than Trump. Who frankly cleaned Biden’s clock in the debate.  

I don't know how old you are but Biden is 77. You are very lucky if you haven't made mistakes during your lifetime. In addition, Biden's admits his errors and has learned from them. Do I really need to quote the dozens (hundreds?) of racist, bigoted, anti-semitic, sexist quotes this Trump has said and to this day doesn't disavow? I had a feeling you were going to come back with this kind of pathetic defense and I was going to tell you I'm done responding.

"Biden is a piece of garbage." Board-O is that you? What a sick thing to say, but there's your style.

"Who frankly cleaned Biden’s clock in the debate." If you consider acting like a child who needs a nap winning. Even Rick Santorum is acknowledging what a bad job he did.

I'm done responding to you.

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