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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@The Old Man posted:

This is the why bother to debate this person. He is truly an ignoramus.

"Pure mail in voting (Non-absentee) could be a potential disaster."

Why? I guess you'll have you have to take Barr's "logic" for it. There is no history or study that remotely suggests it'll be a problem.

"And regarding Trump not accepting the far the only one that has was Hillary in 2016..."

I have no idea what you're talking about; Hillary conceded on election night. The only person who has said he won't accept the results (if he loses) is Trump.

As I said there is no point debating this person. He's a muddled thinker who will, in response to these responses, jump to some other unrelated point. The worst thing is he thinks he's makes good points, "Not troubling to you Old Man?????" (I like the high schooler's use of multiple question marks) when in reality it's never happened. A true dummkopf.

Done responding, sputter away.

Oh Old Man...there is nothing wrong with the statement that mail in voting (non-Absentee) would be a disaster.  The Attorney General said the Dems are playing with fire here.  Are you saying you have a better instinct / knowledge than the AG?  Doubtful! (exclamation point for you).