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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

@The Old Man posted:

June 2020, The Old Man: "I'm afraid there's a chance that today's shit-show is a test for using the military if Trump loses, or looks like he's going to lose, the election. Everyday this paranoiac idea seems more possible."

Moronic Trump troll napacat posted:
"You are a paranoid fool!"

Sept. 24, 2020, “We’re going to have to see what happens,” he told a reporter during a news conference at the White House. “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly [one of only two adverbs he knows] about the [mail-in] ballots and the ballots are a disaster. Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation."

Translation: Unless all the legitimate mail-in ballots are tossed, and he loses, he's not leaving.

Pure mail in voting (Non-absentee) could be a potential disaster.  If this is what is pushed...they are just making it easier for your fears to come true.

And regarding Trump not accepting the far the only one that has was Hillary in 2016 and the same Hillary told Biden to not concede this election no matter what.  Not troubling to you Old Man?????  Of course it isn't.  Because you're a hypocrite.